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Questions about school?

The best way to contact anyone with any questions about school or how the process works is to call the school. We are open Tuesday-Friday 9am-5pm and Saturday 8:30am-4:30pm.  You can also send an email to don't be shy. 


How do I get started?

- First you have to fill out an application, and pay the $75 application fee. After you fill out the application you schedule your first of two interviews.

When do classes start?

- We have what is considered to be open enrollment. Meaning when you are ready to start school we try our best to get you started the soonest available Tuesday. We only start one student at a time.

What does the payment plan look like?

- You have to pay for your application fee, student license, and student kit. What ever the left over tuition is divide that by the amount of weeks you will be here 10 weeks or 10 months. The bigger the down payment the smaller the monthly payment. Total tuition must be paid before graduation. 

don't see a certain type of funding would you accept it?

- If you find a new option for funding that I have not listed yet I am more than willing to start accepting it! However this will require you to do some foot work. As I ask you find out what is needed.

Does everyone get accepted?

Unfortunately no, we do not just accept anyone. This is why we have a 2 step interview process this will determine if you get accepted.

Do you have part time option?

- As of right now we do not have part time schooling options available. Coming to school is like a full time job 9-5 and homework. 

Wait there is homework?

- Absolutely there is homework and tests. Not only are you learning a trade and a new skill. You also have a state exam you have to pass to receive your license.  

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